Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coffee at 10 pm guess I will stay up and...

Get this frikin awesome tattoo on my arm!

 Been up thinking and talking about it! Son in law is doing apprentice tattooing as a side thing...and he is a natural! This is his 4th tattoo. 3 of us women are getting this tattoo some where on our bodies. I got mine first on my right arm. I found this picture online and had to have it.

It is way late. The excitement and late coffee kept me up and I got to share and FB it and all!

 Was cool all day on the water and the carb counting!

Bloggie love. 


  1. Wait, insomnia led you to a tattoo? ;) Cool!

  2. I want a new tattoo so badly!!!

  3. We live with our adopted family. My daughter's best friend who is married to a Samoan who has done tattoos for a long time because in Samoa it is a tribal/spritual thing. 15 yr olds and up have mega tribal pieces on them. He is apprenticing my son in law.

  4. Oh yeah my son in law's 4th tattoo in his apprenticeship.


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