Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AMV love

Stumbled on this editor years ago. This is a downright awesome AMV with actual lip action to the music. Then I went to find more from Sierra Lorna. There is one is called Project Trinity: Christian Rock Project
if you are Christian and like Anime...who is it that I know in the blog circle who could possibly want to check this out? Music is great for the soul and Anime is just downright awesome.  The site called has so so many amv's! It is a place that keeps one busy when in a doldrums sort of Greta Garbo vant to be alone mood on my desktop.

I weighed myself this morning and am the lowest I have been on my journey I broke the 240 barrier and now I am 237!! I was saving the weigh in publicly on the blog for June 1 to give me time to be there. It seemed like I just stayed at 240 plus water for weeks! I hope now that I am full on the carb counting tracking, on Saturday it will be way less. In order to not get triggered to binging, I eat alone. I have become a diet recluse in that aspect. If I see the food the eaters are eating, it just is a risk factor. I also am not socializing much except children. I am avoiding stress and drama that way. It is not really healthy, but it is all I can do to keep Zen with this.

Bloggie love!


  1. :::waving arm in air::: "That would be...ME!!!" (Or, to be grammatically correct but sound like a pompous doof, "That would be I.")

    thanks for the safety dance.

    I love anime AMVs. :D

  2. Holy crap! You're in the 230s. Just noticed AFTER I made my preature comment. THAT IS GREAT!!!!!!!

  3. Yay for breaking into the 230's!!


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