Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Family Sunday

OMG I got to try some organically fed chicken...The difference in flavor was very very apparent. Being that I love me some chicken, the organic tasted a bit off. My usual like to nom spices just didn't taste right with it. It was to me comparable to the difference between beef and venison. Makes me then realize they sure do pack up the somethin somethin in the Foster Farm brand. I try not to think about it because like I said "I love me some chicken".

Last night since I had weighed in, I ate a forbidden food. A banana cream cookie that was homemade. It had something like shortbread with nuts as a bottom crust, cool whip mixed with banana and I think a bit of vanilla and cream cheese then topped with a strawberry glaze. The piece was substantially large. My rationale was I won't gain a pound by eating it. The daughters were all butt hurt that I did this. They have been on the diet 2 days. I have been on it again for about 3 weeks. So...TODAY. They foiled. They went out shopping with the kids and on DAY 3...effed up by going to McDonalds and drinking soda as well. OH later they tell me they ate 2 big squares of the cookies.

Tonight they say they are eating the red beans and hamhocks with homemade tortillas. And the thing is that I know my daughter loves to eat. And when I got the beans going for the rest of the eaters...It would be her test of fortitude and well...guess my diet buddies dissed me for carbs!  I later confronted them. They are OFF the plan. So I am going solo in the house on the Low Carb Plan. Actually, I am relieved. The cooking for them was too much for me. I was trying to make it more interesting. With ME I kept it simple and it has been easier that way. Food has turned into a stick it in my mouth plan. I try to make it appealing in a way, but I just dose it out and call it a day. I just want my belly and urges to be satisfied. Nothing fancy.

Today is another cook a thon! My cooking skills have blossomed since we are such a big crowd. With Big Hoss who is a Samoan Gourmet cook as well... There is something for all! I still need to make a salad to make my meal complete...but here are some yummy pics of our production! Enough food to feed a troop! We have freezer bags...and some stray friends/family that will most likely raid the kitchen!

Pollo Loco with Rosemary and Garlic

Spanish Rice

Steaming hot Red Beans Hambone and Ham Hocks!

Homemade Tortillas ready to roll


  1. This stuff looks and sounds yummy! Keep up the great work. I do read your progress. So happy you're happy!

  2. My tortillas never come out right, any secrets?

  3. I will watch next time then post Big Hisses secret. He made the tortillas. I could not eat them because I am doing low carb. Just actually prepped the brand and did the chicken and salad. No cooking today is the best part. And I have a I am using that card to not do a thing but watch movies and nap.

  4. I'll have to give organic chicken a shot (I LOVE venison so the comparison you made intrigues me). And yes, all the foods look "yummo" as Rachael Ray would say!


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