Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love 2 Mothers

 Happy Mother's Day to all my momma Bloggies that may pass this way! The best to you!

I promised my 5 yr old grand daughter that I would ride with her to school on her bike. She just learned to ride her bomb ass Monster High bike she got for Christmas. She has got good enough for me to be OK with her to ride it that far. Woke up to her smiling face as I passed her room. She wished me Happy Mother's Day. Later she sat by me and hugged me. We had a conversation. She needed to breakdown how I am a mom to me to get a clearer understanding of the hierarchy of motherhood and then a "oh yeah you are MY mom's mom."

I laxed on my diet after having some health issues, but really it should of not made a difference. I stressed and then went off plan. I did not pile it on, I just ate some of the countless cookies I had been baking...ate rice with the meat...Still I will weigh in next week and call in for sick leave this past week.


  1. Awesome that the little one is getting good enough to ride ALL THE WAY TO SCHOOL! And what a good healthy habit to instill in her. :) Your healthy decisions affect more than just you!

  2. What a sweet story about your granddaughter discovering you are HER mom's mom. :-)

    I hope you are feeling better now.


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