Monday, May 14, 2012

Evil Stepford Wife In My Head!

My eyes! My eyes! It burns! It burns! Effing Stepford Wife Robot in my brain! Arrrrgh!
Serving cookies and homemade food!  Have some more, dear. Have some more!

Ever since Wednesday the day after coming back from the hospital/doctor....I gave license to myself to lay off the diet. I was scared. I was stressed. I embraced the food as a comfort. Each day since I have said "Got to get back to the plan". For Mother's day, I made some potato salad. OMG left overs and then there are sugar cookies. And I have not had potato salad that good in years...or cookies either only because I made them and pride in them. I made 5 batches (for the kids) OMG I got milk. Arrrrrghhhh! I wish I could just react to stress/fear by going to sleep and NOT eating.

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  1. we both know that's not healthy, so back away from the cookies. plus it's not even good to give em to the kids who share your gene pool and genetic disposition. take a deep breath and tip the container in the trash then pour something nasty over them (cleaner, soap,etc) so you wont be tempted to dig them out when no ones looking (dont ask! lol) and take the bag to the curb!
    just let it go dont worry about it and start over from now. love yourself enough to be healthy and do what you know you need to! xoxoxoxoxo


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