Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mid May

Pep talk from my conscience:
Mid May...(already)
It is a good marking point. Back on the horse, Bluezy! And remember when you were so gung ho at the beginning? Rolling around the floor with the skinny South African Pilates guy (YouTube Video)? Remember how good you felt? The hot weather is a coming! You know how carbs make you retain water and your feet swell. And Water? Sheesh that is all around you! Why is it you just have this memory loss and give up? You know what you did! Does some guy in a rain coat with a big fishing hook need to chase your ass (from I Know What You Did Last Summer-get it?LOL)? You did it. Leave the carbs alone! You are not like other people. You can not eat like that. You feel icky and bloaty.  Today you do it right! Every day a new day! Get with it! Onederland is in LIVING color. The Mall fashion stores are waiting. You wanted to dress all boho and thin...WTF Get back to your routine. Let the carb eaters be carb eaters. You can still associate with them and not have to do as they do. It is not like nicotine or heroin. It is fucking food. Quit feeding your face with carbs!

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  1. I'm feeling ya, Bluezy. "Hello folks, my name is Headspace, and I'm a carbaholic." One who has been far too willing to relapse recently too!


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