Friday, May 18, 2012

June To August Challenge!

 So if you look at the sidebar, there is a link to my challenge blog... 

I decided to start a challenge. Back On The Horse Challenge. It will be a challenge to drop some weight from June to August. The rules are pretty lax. I did want to get the participants to post on the blog proper. I could guest host them, or receive an attached file by e-mail and post their post. I wanted each one who participates to blog on what "horse" they ride and what kind of "mojo magic" they rely on.  I think it would be fun for participants to tell their story on the blog. It would be a "horse of a different color" blogwise, me thinks!

Personal Update

It was all about getting back on track. When the girls dissed me, I continued a bit with the mojo. Then the cooking got all messed up. I did not want to just make my own personal meals. My eggs got used for this and that. I had planned on cooking a turkey and portioning out the meat.

I dug up the turkey and it is defrosting. I also dug up the ham portions (even though it has icky salt content).
I do fine with the meat and a faux low carb dipping sauce. It is filling. I made sure my mug with 32 ounce gradient on the side was full. I even went swimming today. Last week I had a cold. I logged into My Fitness Pal to calculate my calories and carbs. Whoo hoo.

All this back on the horse thing made me think up a challenge. I had missed out on the last ones going on and totally dissed on the one I participated in last. I needed redemption. And the pic for the badge was so cool vintage poster retro.

Come join in. It is low maintenance. The best part is the story posts authored by different participants!

I decided to weigh in tomorrow and face what I may have to face.

Bloggie love!

NSV sharing: Today when at the Aquatic Center,  I jumped off the high one below TWICE. For a person of my weight and fear of heights, this is a milestone for sure!

All the family went. Even the babies! And the friend's babies!

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  1. I'm wishing you well with the challenge. I know it takes energy to lead one (well, I certainly had to focus when I led them). It's a tough time for many of us out here. Let's never give up!!


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