Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Weigh

Back On The Horse Challenge
Phew...No damage but no loss.
I have to bake a birthday cake. Already drank half my goal of water. Ate a low carb breakfast to fill my hunger needs.

I figured that 8 people for the challenge would be just great.  That way each week one of them could guest post their "what horse I ride" story or "this is MY mojo" story or what ever they deem necessary to share for the summer. .

My biggest fear is that no one really wants to do it. Not really a fear, but with all the summer goings ons with the kids and the vacations...then there is the blog feed we already follow (which is a good part of my mojo building) it is already a big time thing with us. I imagined a challenge blog that had challenger participation inside the blog itself. No deadline, just a place. A statement. A group from a group. Stick the stories in there. Have it be a record of this summer's forte in our journey...accessible on the web.

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