Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Please Don't Pass The Salt Blog Reviewed this product [here]
What made my day was coming on to Blogger and going through my blog roll. The first blog on my reader had PICKLES!  I so love pickles, but the salt in them is not good for anyone. And considering I am trying to be healthier by losing weight, I am also watching my salt content. Sometimes freaking out over how much I can consume considering what I eat. Cheese man...omg and processed stuff omg wtf? I follow a blog called "Please Don't Pass The Salt" and well...I am not too regular, but this caught my eye! Her husband has high blood pressure, so she really got into researching low salt cooking. Many times, there are too many carbs for me and at this point of my journey I am sticking to routine and boring because it is easier. It could be a reason why I fall off the wagon so easily...but it is a financial and a lazy thing for me. I figure once I get into maintenance (some day dreaming of Onederland) I can get creative and keep it interesting.

It is a cool windy day here in Ideeho Falls. I have been focused on my journey plan. I have avoided stress triggers that make me hungry and want to binge. I am trying to Zen my brain. It is working. Need to drink some water. L8tr!

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  1. Whoa no salt pickles!?!! I neeeeeeeds them! (I think they're unlikely to be out here though.)

  2. Will have to look out for these pickles. I love them too and avoid them like the plague because of the salt issue. Thanks for the tip. ((hugs))


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