Saturday, April 23, 2011

DAY 10

courtesy of YouTube

Madonna is my contemporary and only a year younger. I enjoy her music, yet when it was on the charts, I was listening to the rock channel and well thinking I was one. LOL. I even had a punk rock era...

I decided to cut the mystery and reveal my mug. I seem to be down on myself with the blog title and everything, however, I am just a content woman who got comfortable in her ways. That is not bleach blond by the way. I turned gray early like my daddy and my wonderful aunt Louise I only met as a child of 6. I told myself when the time comes I am going to have lovely silver hair like my wood nymphy Aunt Louise.

Zoey just a day old I saw the whole process for the 1st time!
The Madonna Stamp is a photomanipulation of a google photo of Madonna. It is the sixth in my Deviant Art Series. I also did some with old movie star women smoking called The Tobacco Collection. This latest one I did to offer to Tim. Hope you like it.
 My goal now is to get over the past 3 days of eating a bit beyond my original plan


  1. so glad to see your face! and your hair is lovely, i always loved white hair and i'm almost 43 with nary a gray in sight (i remember my gran starting to go salt-n-pepper in her 60s)

  2. oh and i meant to say the stamp is way cool!

  3. Your blog title is just not lining up with that pic, my dear! Love the stamp too.

  4. Marilee I was thinking of a new blog name, because I think my blog name offends a bit. And actually one blog I tried to follow won't let me post and I think is because of this...
    The photos are all about the angle. If you take it from above it hides the chin.
    Tim my sister had jet black hair and green eyes and always dyed. I love the salt and pepper look.

    If you saw Bluezy posting, it was me by mistake using my other google ID. I have one other blog and a half. One is just me putting up political parodies. All three of my blogs have pseudonyms.


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