Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 13

It was a good day. I guess it was my British day. I cleaned as I watched the last episode of the 10th Doctor and got to see the regeneration into the 11th Doctor Who. I am a season behind and so I need to catch up. I also checked out the series "Being Human". British TV gets aired here later, so I think the link I watched was British because for what I thought was a new series is in it's third season in Britain of "Being Human". A ghost, werewolf and vampire are room mates....I shall see how that goes. I also surfed around to read the weight loss blogs to get further inspiration.

Karaoke Anarchy in the UK from YouTube

The housekeeping and all was to keep my mind on wandering into hungry boredom. TV actually is not a good thing to distract from food, IF you are watching the commercials. I was streaming off of the Internet, so I was spared.

My daughter made shrimp tacos. Yum. Too bad I could not eat more they were goooood.

I am seeing the thing here on my diet is that I am not snacking with hunks of cheese now and then or a sandwich here or there or eating the leftovers in the fridge as a snack late night. No convenience store sodas...(my husband used to call it sugar water and donuts and candy "fat pills").

Still need to work on the exercising..Weigh in soon. Wednesday morning.

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