Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 18

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Our Primative Gardening!

My son in law tilled the garden spot. He stayed out of my daughter and me's way. We are primitive gardeners. We just took ten bucks of seeds from Wal Mart and dug around and joked about our lack of knowledge.

My daughter said something garden like and I said "Let's be sure to put that on our gardening show"! Then cracked up laughing. Got the Water melon , the cukes, the zuchinni, jalapenos, cauliflower, lettuce, radish , cantelope, green onions, corn, sugar peas, wax beans, and a side area with garlic chives.  We decided that if it is too much, we can always thin it out. We also did a half assed job on getting the weed pieces out the soil...

I wasn't that hungry.  I didn't want a 600 cal day so I forced myself to find some more calories.
Too much sodium in the lunchmeat...We are going shopping tomorrow!!!


  1. Wow! That's quite an extensive collection of seeds you've got planted there. Good luck with the garden.

  2. Real food. Real FOOD! And all yours!!! This is exciting. MAke sure to post updates as stuff GROWS.

    Was watching a Jamie O cooking show, and he went and picked lovely lettuces and stuff from his garden, made a simple dressing, and it looked DIVINE. I wanted some o ' dat!

    Real food rocks!!!!

  3. good for you, and in a bit you'll have wonderful fresh produce. that should really inspire you to eat well, nothing tastes better than stuff you grow yourself

  4. We are excited and it's two woman vs mother we will protect it from cat, bird, squirrel, wabbit and gopher. Thinking motion activated toy sound? Not taking out all the weeds means we will have to figure out what is weed and what is plant...And Yes we put a whole lot in that little patch and gonna have to decide what stays. Both of us have no prior knowledge. We started looking up stuff and then just said...lets just go to the store get seeds and if it grows it grows. I also just threw around some wild flower mix here and there around the edges of the yard. Wild flowers..figure they are wild.

  5. My sister used to do that ..... walk around her garden, pick her salad and toss it in a bowl! Strawberries, too!

  6. Anne..the closest story I have to that is I had a buddy who would pick a bud off his bush and smoke it. LOL
    Ergo I can blame fat accumulation was due to my voracious munchies in days of yor'


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