Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 19

Wanna know a secret...ha ha that is my cousin in law who wrote this book. I only met him once. I was 20 yrs old dieting to get to the 135 lb max limit allowed for women to go into the Air Force Reserves. Active Reservists have to go through Basic and tech school just like the regulars. I was like 10 lbs (OMG CALL THE FAT POLICE) over but I had to be ready to go. My cousin Patty married him. She looked like Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) but less boobs, yet just as beautiful. He had blond curly hair and an Adonis type physique. Lean and Greekish. And apparently a Phi Beta Kappa at UC Berkeley. I was still a sheepish youngster and really going into the AF of any kind was my family's intervention to my counterculture hippy style life. Pawned me off on Uncle Sam. Air Force Basic can be passed by a 10 yr old. The physical requirements were not that hard. We got a lot of smoke breaks, too.
I would of cried if I was in any other branch of service and possibly got more out of it.

The gave me a book about Basal Metabolic Rate. Basically telling me if I am sedentary lower my calories or if I am active maintain a healthy eating plan. At the time Patty was in her late 20's and she ran 5 miles religiously so she could maintain her weight and also so she could eat guilt free. She especially loved Mexican food. A year ago, Glenn posted a Vimeo video on a study they were conducting in a Nursing home to get more accurate data on calories/energy usage of sedentary people. [link]  All that stuff in his video, must of not yet had the Fit Bit available a year ago.
I guess he has really made a name for himself. But he is controversial to Low Carbers and actually that latest book "Big Fat Lies" he wrote has fat people all butt hurt because it actually supposedly fosters fat complacency. I mean we all have gone through our lives hating being fat, and now some doctor says...being fat is ok? I didn't read it, I read the reviews. I am almost too scared to read it. My mom's family have this disown each other syndrome of on and off contact. I could never get close to any her sister's families. I never really knew my cousin as I grew up, just stories and no more than an 2 days if you add it all up in my 53 yrs spent with my cousin.

What I am getting at that my initial weight loss thinking that it was to dieting, is the type of food coupled with caloric intake and luck. I want to be on top of it before I get disappointed. So, I am researching. It was Ann H.'s from Carb Tripper blog (she has done so well and looks so great) mention of induction that prompted me to research and back track what I ate. I DID lower my carbs no doubt, but wasn't counting them. Maybe I went through a low keyed induction to lose those 10 lbs in just 2 weeks?

I searched the net about my cousin and noticed another guy whose ideas my cousin in law disagreed with and it was easy to find.

And mostly, I would like to thank you all for not cutting in on my initial plans and filling my comments with what you probably know and I don't...We dieters know there are many roads we can take. The important thing is to keep driving on the road. That which Gary Taubes is taking a great hour to explain..IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT OVEREATING AND NEEDING TO EXERCISE and giving Dr. Atkins an attaboy. I am going to make an effort to watch all the elements in my food intake. I can't give you a strict not more than so much carbs...but I am definitely gonna watch them.

I am posting this minus my food log. I will edit it in later. It is just the same as the other days. I am being good. Yet, my daughter at this very moment has a pizza in the oven...the aroma.. I need to figure out what I am having for dinner.
OH WELL...WASN'T STRONG I WENT THE WHOLE ROUTE WITH THE EATERS. Even had the Strawberry Shortcake..Mega carb packing. I devoured 4 slices of pizza at 330 cals each!! Yet I did count calories below. My daughter promised she would join me while the hubby is away for 2 weeks. Tomorrow I am ditching everybody and going to the mall and walking. (if you think about just the was just under what my BMR calculator says that I need to be at to maintain my weight)...I will hope on that.


  1. Cooking pizza around dieters is just plain wrong! Those meanies! That's just one of those foods that I have a really hard time saying no to. Well, the day is over; move on.

    Keep reading and fine-tuning your plan. That's one of the ways to keep things interesting. I have returned to low carbing it the last 2 days and feel better already.

  2. I know carbs in me really only taste good on the entering, but I get like a hang over from them. I feel better when I keep them down. I AM going to be counting them, and maybe never exceeding say 50...a day for a bit.


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