Monday, May 2, 2011

Half Day 20 Update

link to webcam
Beautiful day here in Idaho Falls. I am opening the windows to get the smell of that frakking Pizza out of this place. I started the day low carb with eggs and sausage. Getting ready to take off on the scooter to wander and gain mental strength. I am switching over to putting my calories on "My Fitness Pal" I like the format better and I want to make sure I get all the elements into my diet recorded. If I need to put something in the data base, I will add all the data and not just the calories.  Just keeping my blog on my mind. If you stopped by...thanks! I really appreciate knowing you are out there!
This pic came off of to give it proper credit, but I took off their label, because it looked mean. Thank god my scooter is bigger, though. And can only think and not know what my ass looks like on mine. Hope not to find out by logging onto, though. How mean can they be?

Also keeping away from all the DEAD enemy headlines. I would pay more attention if it said "Now the war is over for sure".
Here is some Afghanistan factoid I ran into a while back . They call Afghanistan where God only comes to weep. War torn for most of their history...I cannot understand how a nation that is so impoverished, wants to take their interests into making foreign enemies...but I won't go into politics hardly it gives me a head ache. So I am off !

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  1. Have a grand day!

    I use the Calorie King Nutrition and Exercise Manager. Cost me $45. I think it's still that price. I think you can try it for free for a few days. It does a great analysis of your daily and weekly foods. Good graphics. You can buy just the program and not bother with the weekly menu planning deal. Too much money for it.


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