Monday, May 2, 2011

Last half Day 20

Please note I added a photo progression page. I will be posting a new one after a month (or two depending if it shows).  Also after checking into Princess Dieter's Blog ( I read it like maybe a Euro name and then realized duh Diet ER) and her Phat Pilate preachin' that oh that looks like I can do the beginning ones I found on YouTube and do the "Fasting Workout" She has really been peeling off the poundage on that method. Basically no eating after dinner and then 12-17 hrs later (of course + after sleep included) do your workout wait an hour and then eat ...(But go there and read her May 2nd post with links on it) I am starting those as well. So let me get this party started!

I like this free My Fitness Pal calorie count format and the data base has so much more name brands that I have. I have decided that I will keep my carbs low and no more than 45 at the highest and 30 at the lowest. I am not following any plan, because I just can't keep to set rules. Today I over calculated the salad for lunch. It was hella large and hella good, but I can get rid of the Avocados and the imitation crab (12 in just a half cup?F that).  And onions?  Of course they caramelize so there is sugar...I am glad we are growing green onions which I see from internet search is less carbs and I love onions in cooking meat. I would of been better off adding a 2 slices of turkey breast lunch meat, but the salt in that is 700mg... So I dunno who is gonna eat the lunchmeat. I am gonna try to keep my sodium no more than 1500-2000 and that is close to the RDA set by the American Heart Association. I am not the only one here or I would avoid all processed meats. I saved a bit of my boneless skinless chicken from tonight and will add it to my salad tomorrow.. The boneless skinless chicken is processed as well with salt as you can see that it has 200 mg. I think they use it to make the meat look plumpier...or something I remember being said.  And water water water.


  1. I did some research on that intermittent fasting plan today too after reading her blog. Have decided to give it a whirl this week by drinking water first thing as always and then some coffee before I go to exercise class, and then waiting at least an hour after class before eating my first meal. Will see how that works for me before plunging headlong into this.

  2. I already try not to snack after dinner and I get up and drink coffee and almost always by the time I am hungry it is lunch time. I need to just watch the clock and easy can that be? LOL repeat LOL

  3. OK, just for you, I can't blog about this IF on my website because at TOPS we pound into people that they positively must eat breakfast to get their metabolism going for the day. I have lectured on this subject way too often for the rest of the ladies to let me get away with this. However, I ate dinner late last night. Finished at 8 pm. Drank 3 cups of water and then about 4 cups of coffee (my usual) and did not eat until after exercise class which is 9 to 10. Waited until noon for food. My head said I was hungry. My body not so much! Feel good this afternoon. No bad effects. How about you?

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! I hope the fasting workout blasts the fast on ya, sweets!

    And you're gonna find a water whoosh from lowering carbs PLUS lowering sodium. I know when I cut down my carbs AND sodium in January, I had such a blood pressure dive, I had to call the doc to reduce my Ramipril (I'm almost off it, having half of the lowest dosage now). I was literally fainting from low BP.

    So, drink A LOT A LOT A LOT of fluids. I know people looove the water weight loss the first week or two of low-carbing/sodium reduction (I didn't get it, since I was lowering my carbs only gently, bit by bit, and then sodium went suddenly low later.) But if it goes down too much and dehydration sets in, bad news.

    Water. Water. Fluids. :) Okay? At 202 lbs, I drink 15 glasses of fluid a day..that's a lot, and it took a few months for my bladder to get used to it. I was doing the bathroom run every 25 mins for a spell. Pain in the tuchis! Now, my body has acclimated to the load of fluids and my bladder doesn't scream as much. :D

    Best of luck. Here's to good health for all of us.

  5. Oh I am so happy you came by Princess! Thanks for all that advice. I worry about stuff like that because of all the aging people in my family (my grandma lived until she was 96 and aunts are in the 90's, too). They all have sodium restricted diets and they take potassium daily. I was told by a doctor that dehydration is misunderstood to be a lack of water, but it is a lack of electrolytes..I take a potassium pill and prenatal vitamins like 3 times a week. He said told me that the potassium pill was not a big deal at my age, yet...but that I should drink an electrolytic beverage here and there...But I notice that most of the diet bloggers are doing water and I assumed it was for a medium to excrete and circulate all the changes going about. The system moves more fluidly...with fluids...I assumed.
    Once I looked up IF and realized it was including sleep time and only 14-20 hours...I found a medium for me that I think will work. Today May 3rd I am stuffed and I actually ate less and my sodium was 1400, and carbs were 34.

  6. Marilee, I do feel good today May 3rd after the no eating until after an hour of minor exercise this morning and kept within my eating window. plus a half and hour waiting for my new partner...then I just ate. She was an hour off..but she's young and I know the pound will drop off her quick especially since it is recent with in the year prego fat.


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