Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 21

Was on it. Great having my daughter join me. We did jelly roll Pilates to a major low key beginners video on YouTube laughing all the way through you'd think we were high on something. Oh we tried the real stuff, but that witch on the Netflix video is a contortionist Doministress or something.
I kept within my eating window and IF times. I am optimistic.
My sodium is way high considering I used no salt.  The processed meat and that includes the chicken boneless skinless frozen variety. the sausage, and the bacon..oh and the cheese even the little amount......but I don't understand the collard greens. they said 327 so I went back and checked the raw value..and it is way lower. I guess who ever entered the data assumes you add salt when cooking....I even pulled out the bacon and fed it to my snack hound. I just wanted some flavoring...I did do good like a lo carber and added Guar Gum (yet it has some controversy from FDA) Web MD link says ok or Arrowroot that I decided to buy almost a year ago to thicken the juices off the veggies and chicken I simmered.. When I bought it, I put it in a container and we used it like for chinese food sauce thickening in lieu of cornstarch...I need to go check Fred Meyers again and look at what I bought. I noticed this one site was saying corn derivatives are bad due to genetic enhancing? I need to look further into that? Phytates? Rice, too? This website [link] warns you it is dangerous...but I think it is how you take it and who you are according to WebMD...And it takes so little to thicken the juices to make it like a gravy...And I don't need to worry about rice and corn because sticking to this diet...I ain't a gonna be eating them.


  1. Well the fitness pal database was off on the sodium for my greens, so I was actually just over 1000/
    Marilee...the IF is just not eating before sleep basically. 8hrs of sleep plus 6 hours prior is actually of course 14 hours. It is just figuring out your window. You can eat breakfast if you wake up early like 8 and go right at the exercise, but I see you are doing your time is dedicated and fixed. With me it is will be no eating after dinner and wake up and an hour and a half maybe two before I eat including the wake up shuffle and the exercise....

  2. Hi Susan! Just found your blog today and I think I love you (in a totally non-stalker way). We seem to be kindred spirits :) Wishing you the best of luck on this journey. Congrats on your successes so far!

  3. I AM a stalker. One thing the internet has allowed me to do is go everywhere and spy. LOL
    I am fortunate that my computer obsession is not a gaming one, but a surfing and spying one. I will be spying on you! LOL

    Thank you for stopping by.


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