Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today we went out to eat for dinner. Celebrating my son in law's new job and first time into a job that will elevate his family from just above a poverty salary and into the low end of Upper Middle class at 89,000 a year. It is a great leap for a 25 yr old.
I was put to the test and went over a bit. I did avoid the desserts and starchies. I ate way more than I have since I have started.

A good thing is I bought a scale. It is digital and I was reading the directions as I came home. It said that if you weigh over the Max 300 it will display an E. I just hoped it would not. I put it on the floor it shows the zero get on and what do I see?
An "E" Oh felt so bad, and so I got off and got back on and then it read 293.4. I felt kind of better, but still went back to check the directions. I then get back on and it reads 294.4. I thought no friggin way!!! I got off and did it again 294.4. Then I told my daughter who just had a dr's appt and knew what she weighed. She goes no friggin way. I told her to see if it varied and it did not. And she said well we just went out to eat and knew she had at least five pounds of food in her.

The online reviews say digital it the best. It is a HealthOmeter from Wal Mart...
I am just gonna accept that I am a FAT

I started my log in play with the calorie count website with accurate data now and this is what I got:


  1. NO, you are a caring loving woman who happens to be overweight! (for now) losing the weight won't change who you are fundamentally, you'll still have the same issues/problems you just wont have the weight to blame for everything. this has been a major adjustment for me. but though i know it was in jest (kinda) do NOT call yourself a fat bitch it's self defeating your subconcious "hears" what you say, so love yourself unconditionally! repeat after me "i am a wondeful loving beautiful person who deserves to be happy and whole. physically and spiritually"

  2. Thank you Tim. What is funny I weighed myself this morning and it was 5 pounds less than last night. The family says weigh only maybe at the most frequent every week or this fluctuation will mess with my head. The scale will show loss and that is what I am seeking.


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